Reasons Your Drop Shipping Business is Failing

People may have heard about drop shipping businesses and they even might have an idea of what these businesses really do, but for those who do not know, here is a brief description. A drop shipping business is a business in which the seller does not store a good at his warehouse or store, rather he directly purchases it from a third party and sells and ships it to the buyer. In this scenario, the merchant is completely unknown of the final consumer of the product. Lately, this business has gained a lot of popularity but we seldom see people stepping into the business and becoming a huge success.

As is rightly said that everything is not for everyone. You have to do your proper homework and research before you directly jump in the drop shipping business. We see a lot of drop shipping stores opening and shutting down in no time. The biggest reason for it is these store owners directly jump into the business without having ample knowledge of the subject and just want to start it because it is really popular. There are some courses that you can benefit from before starting a business of your own. But what these courses would not tell you are the difficulties that you will face while running this business. Below are some of the most common reasons why a drop shipping business fails.

Ability to Digest

As with any other business, the drop shipping business in the start will give you a lot of stressful days and scary nights. But as a lot of people are involved in this business directly so the stress increases. In the start, you will be facing issues like a lot of customers complains, chargebacks, shipping issues, and fraud alerts are just some of them. Tackling all these issues, in the beginning, will give you a lot of stress and sleepless nights. But once the money starts coming in after 3 to 4 months you will be glad that you did not quit.

Making Calls

If you are able to tackle all the problems correctly and are able to make your business a success initially, the best thing to do after it is making a lot of calls. Although email is considered to be an official way of communication but the best way to keep your drop shipping business stable and even enhance it is through calls. Either you make calls to your customers or to your dealers but calling is important.


When you are stepping into the drop shipping business you must have enough financial reserves with you to support you initially. When a chargeback comes you need to be up for it. If the shipping line delivers a damaged good it needs to be replaced by another good at that time while you will get insurance for it after a while. So you have to have proper financial reserves initially.

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