How to Monetize Your WooCommerce Site

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin specially designed for the e-commerce websites. Just like the WordPress itself, WooCommerce is the most commonly used e-commerce platform in the world. Talking about numbers, 41% of all e-commerce websites rely on WooCommerce for scalability, flexibility and unparalleled support.

So, you have a killer product and a WooCommerce website but are they enough for you to make profits? Not really! Unless you are really lucky and facing no real competition, you got to do other things to monetize your WooCommerce website. In this article, we will give you some surefire ways to start making money from your website.

Search Engine Optimization

You’re not the only one selling online; there are hundreds or maybe thousands of similar businesses trying to get a bigger market share. To make your website more visible, you have to make it more searchable for search engines. To achieve that, you have to do certain tricks (the collection of these tricks is actually known as SEO). SEO is a vast field and we believe not everyone can do that. To get the maximum out of your SEO efforts, we recommend you hire a professional.

Remember, properly optimized Wooommerce website will result in more traffic and conversions.

Membership Programs

With the introduction of membership feature in WooCommerce, you can now lure your customers to sign in for a paid membership program. You can create a member-only area on your website where exclusive products are offered for members only.

Going Mobile

More and more people are using mobile phones to browse e-commerce website and order stuff. This is a huge opportunity for online businesses to create their dedicated app and cater to more customers online.


Of course, you don’t want to bombard your visitors with annoying ads and pop-ups. However, strategic placement of ads on a WooCommerce website can provide a steady stream of income. If you have the right number of traffic you should seriously think about the advertisement.

Blogs & Affiliate Marketing

Through blogs and SEO, you can increase the traffic to your website. Blogs give you an opportunity to tell your story and sell your product. You can also target affiliate marketing (selling someone else’s product for a small commission) through your blogs.


There are many more ways through which you can monetize your WooCommerce website. We have only given you the most common ones – if you have more to share, please use the comments section below!

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