Reasons Your Drop Shipping Business Is Failing

Reasons Your Drop Shipping Business Is Failing

People may have heard about drop shipping businesses and they even might have an idea of what these businesses really do, but for those who do not know, here is a brief description...

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How to Monetize Your WooCommerce Site

How to Monetize Your WooCommerce Site

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin specially designed for the e-commerce websites. Just like the WordPress itself, WooCommerce is the most commonly used e-commerce platform in the world. In this article, we will give you some surefire ways to start making money from your website...

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What is the Best Ecommerce Platform for a Small Business

What is the Best Ecommerce Platform for a Small Business

If you have a small e-commerce business, the small decisions you take can make a big difference. Choosing the right platform for your online business is one such decision. We believe there is no one-size fits all approach to e-commerce platforms...

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If your business doesn’t yet have a website, then you can’t expect to be able to survive without one for much longer. After all, we live in a vastly digital age, and without being able to connect with your customers on the internet, you can expect to be left behind.

If that thought is enough to terrify you enough into building a website, then the fun part begins. You have to think about what you are going to put on your site, how you are going to design it, and how you are going to host it. Will you look at different small business hosting companies? Or, will you even get involved with reseller web hosting services such as Green Geeks?

Below, we have included a few of the many website hosting options for small businesses.

DreamHost Web Hosting

If you are looking to create flexible, attractive websites, then jump onboard the DreamHost

Web Hosting bandwagon. Whether you’re looking at reseller web hosting or hosting for your small business, DreamHost could be the answer.

DreamHost offers a significant amount of domain tools, security features, and website admin tools. While it’s less suitable for amateurs and beginners, it’s perfect for those who want a simple answer to website creation. What’s more, unlike Green Geeks or other similar reseller web hosting companies, it works with a WordPress virtual private server to make the entire process streamlined and simple.


HostGator appears on many web hosting lists with Green Geeks, such as top reseller web hosting companies. The reason for this is that it’s one of the best website hosting companies for small businesses. It offers both shared and dedicated plans, uses site-building software with Weebly, and even provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts.

While its lack of integration with WordPress turns a lot of people off, its fun and functional interface piques the curiosity of many small business owners and those interested in taking a closer look at reseller web hosting.

Liquid Web Hosting

Many people are probably wondering why Liquid Web Hosting appears on this list, ahead of Green Geeks. While it’s expensive and doesn’t offer a lot of hosting storage, it’s still a firm favorite with many people looking at reseller web hosting options, or hosts for their small business website. The main reason for this is its high-end specs that aren’t on offer from several other companies.

You can benefit from both Linux and Windows servers, VPS dedicated hosting plans and exceptional customer service. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Green Geeks

Whether you’re hosting your website, or you’re looking for reseller web hosting companies to host several, then Green Geeks should be your go-to provider. As the crème de la crème of web hosts, they offer everything you require to power your website. What’s more, the features are separated into three affordable packages.

You can opt for the Ecosite Starter package with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domain hosts, and email accounts, one free domain, and standard performance. Or, you can select the more premium packages which offer 2x and 4x performance, and up to 500 emails per hour. With all these features, it’s no wonder that Green Geeks is one of the best reseller web hosting services around.

Whether you need help with hosting for your small business, or you’re looking to get involved in reselling, you will find there are options aplenty. Don’t just choose the first one you come across, either. Do your research, consider the pros and cons, and select the best website hosting service for your requirements.

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